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Historic Christmas Market on the grounds of the RAW

This year again, the unique Christmas market in historical garb will take place in Berlin Friedrichshain. In the midst of the RAW grounds, hip for clubs, art and cultural events, torches, fireplaces and numerous stands bathe the scenery in medieval light.

Historische Weihnacht Friedrichshain
Historische Weihnacht Friedrichshain © Carnica-Veranstaltungen GmbH

Kitschy plastic Santa Clauses are a bad idea here, instead potters, blacksmiths, wood carvers and many more present and sell their craft. Visitors can warm up their minds at the taverns with many a noble drop, such as hot mead, mulled wine and fire tong punch, and spoil their palates with hearty and sweet dishes. With historical music, jugglers and acrobats amaze the audience with their fire shows.

Entertainment for the little ones is also provided. Particularly beautiful & unique for children is the hand-operated wooden carousel and wooden giant wheel. Archery, crossbow shooting and the troll forest are all activities where young and old knights and princesses can prove their skills.

The historic Christmas in Berlin Friedrichshain will thus be a unique experience for the whole family during the pre-Christmas period. So iron chain mail shirts, tie the corset and convince yourself!
Additional information
open daily (only on 20.11.2022 - dead sunday closed)
Mon-Fri 15-22 o'clock, Sat & Sun 12-22 o'clock