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Many of the events mentioned have since been forgotten, fashions came and went, inventions became obsolete. However, the year 1995 remains in our memories, as it was the founding year of the band HISS.Since then they have travelled on water, on land and in the air, played 2487 concerts and recorded 8 albums, appeared in countless television programmes, been showered with awards, convinced critics and won thousands of fans.

Portraitbild der Band HISS
Portraitbild der Band HISS Luzie Marquardt

Since then, despite all obstacles and dangers, these daredevils have been travelling around the world to bring us their mixture of folk and ska, of waltz and blues, of polka and roll. Time may have left a furrow or two in their faces, but their music is still fresh, their performances are still full of energy and their lyrics are a declaration of love for humour and life.

In their anniversary year, HISS bring us a cross-section of 25 years of their work, tried and tested and new, danceable and thoughtful, quiet and loud, slow, fast and very fast.

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