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RAPhilosophy - Of meaning and zen in hip hop

The HIPHO poets have been proving that rap is literature - and vice versa - for more than ten years at various theaters throughout Germany. Now they go one step further and show that rapping is actually a form of philosophizing and how much wisdom lies hidden in hip-hop lyrics.

So the third program of the three actors and hip hoppers is much more than reading hip hop texts.

Between singing bowls and turntables, yogi tea and beer, fortune cookies and gold chains, the HIPHO poets set off on a journey with their audience: they ask themselves with Captain Peng what humans are capable of, celebrate life before death with Sido, experience it the search for meaning as a quiz show with Blumentopf, marvel at the universal genius with Kollegah and explore the boundaries between man and machine with Dendemann and Megaloh.

The rap lyrics become poems, mini-dramas, chants, radio plays - and thus accessible to everyone, from die-hard hip-hop heads to educated middle-class boomers.

But classic texts are also subjected to the flow test and packed onto beats, »MC Orakel« is asked for advice in his freestyles, (philosophical) depth is sought in beatboxing - and the evening is sure to be another declaration of love to hip-hop culture.

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