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For the London based artist, producer and composer Hinako Omori, synthesizers are a portal to the subconscious. Since she started mapping them out with 2022’s critically acclaimed debut album, a journey…, a concept album inspired by the ancient Japanese ritual of forest bathing, Omori has fast become one of the UK’s most compelling breakthrough musicians, blurring the lines between classical, electronic and ambient.

If a journey… was about healing others with its soothing sounds, Omori’s next album unexpectedly became one of healing herself. Omori was particularly taken by the idea of our shadow selves – the dark parts of ourselves that we keep hidden – and the need to reconcile with them in order to break free. “The relationship with ourselves is consistent, and when itʼs healed, wonderful things can come from that”. The album on the whole is Omori’s most accessible yet, and one that evidences her true range as a composer, artist, arranger, vocalist and synth virtuoso.

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