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There is cabaret and there is cabaret with HG.Butzko. That is somehow cabaret, but somehow it is also a little bit different. Because what HG.Butzko does is a roaringly funny and sometimes contemplative mixture of infotainment, brash gags, frontal teaching and pointed thoughtfulness.

HG Butzko
HG Butzko © Thorsten Silz

And true to the motto: "logical instead of ideological", Butzkodabei has developed his very own, award-winning style, which the press once called "buddy cabaret", and with which he looks into backgrounds and abysses and illuminates the great themes of the world as if they were taking place "around the corner".

In his now 11th program "aber witzig" (but funny), Butzko traces the madness that goes hand in hand with the postfactual turn of time. And interesting questions arise in the process: What is a computer virus against a real pandemic? What is the stimulus satiation in the digital comparison with the rise of the sea level in the real world? What use is artificial intelligence if human stupidity is growing at the same time? It seems that the more we roam around in the parallel universe of the virtual, the more the greenhouse earth brings us back down to earth.

And while we are talking about meteorological climate change, the overall social weather situation with "cheerful to cloudy" is also only insufficiently described. More and more often, the debates oscillate between undercooled and overheated, the mental low points get under cerebral high pressure influence, and the rumbling after the flashlight storm is often only the echo chamber of the chirping, and it was from Twitter and not the lark that penetrated the anxious ear just now. And the fact that the attention span now only comprises 280 characters is a circumstance that should have existed earlier.

What would we have been spared then? The Bible, Karl Marx and the new cabaret program by HG.Butzko. And that is, of course, "but funny" again.

(Program in German)

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