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A dialogue performance about love. Two actors try to understand what LOVE really is and draw on well-known works of love literature. Recommended for ages 16 and up!

Tears, joy, sorrow, laughter, broken heart ... In this eternal cycle of contradictions it is difficult to find certainty. Do we love or do we still torment? Do we reject or do we look for ways to forgive? Do we talk or do we only hear ourselves?

Two actors - two strong characters facing each other: Varvara Shmykova and Mikhail Shamkov. They call themselves Varya and Misha. An honest, open, paradoxical conversation between stage, audience and great texts spans around the question: What is it, love?

They quote from works by Michel Houellebecq, James Joyce, Veronica Tushnova, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Ivan Bunin, Alexander Ostrovsky and Vera Polozkova.

  • Language: German
Additional information
Produced by ARETE
Participating artists
Karina Besolti (Dramatikerin)
Mikhail Dyagtyarev (Idee)
Yuri Galkin (Licht- & Sounddesign)
Michail Schamkow (Schauspiel)
Warwara Schmykowa (Schauspiel)
Igor Sharoiko (Regiesseur)