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For the Oscar-winning composer and pianist Hauschka, the essence of his work lies in challenging himself through experimentation. The center of his studies is the grand piano, which he explores and expands as an acoustic body.

At the beginning of his solo career, Hauschka specialized in preparing the instrument with tape, felt and other materials. Clubs and concert halls have since become his sonic laboratories, where Hauschka's interplay between analysis and intuition can be witnessed.

Hauschka's approach is an absolutely interdisciplinary one. Whether for dance and theater, his work with violinist Hilary Hahn or choreographer Aszure Barton and dancer Edivaldo Ernesto, Hauschka creates a subtle dialogue between movement and sound.

In addition, under his civil name Volker Bertelmann, he creates numerous compositions and soundtracks for series and films. Together with Dustin O'Halloran, for example, he created the music for the drama "Lion" (2016), which was nominated for an Oscar. He also earned an Oscar nomination in 2023 with his music for the anti-war film "Nothing New in the West."

Hauschka is a seeker whose creative drive is perpetual trial and error. Experiencing this open-minded path live is not only fascinating, but also contagious.

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