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THE HARLEM GOSPEL SINGERS are finally back! With a lot of groove they spread the "good news", hope and joie de vivre and strengthen the sense of community!

Experience great songs like Amazing Grace, Swing Down Sweet Chariot, Since I Layed My Burden Down, Oh Happy Day or Michael Jackson's Earth Song in a special gospel arrangement - performed by a 5-piece all-star band and nine outstanding US musicians American gospel artists.

The Harlem Gospel Singers

A milestone in American music culture

THE HARLEM GOSPEL SINGERS show the fundamental importance of gospel for American music culture. From its beginnings in the 18th century to the present day, spirituals and gospel have influenced almost every form of popular music: blues, soul, R&B, jazz, rock, even hip hop and country. At the same time, these different styles have found their way into gospel music.

With its unmistakable sound, the brilliant gospel phenomenon conquered the metropolises of America and Europe. So far, more than 2.5 million people have enthusiastically celebrated the R&B, jazz and pop-inspired shows of the most important gospel formation in the world, which are staged anew every year.

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