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n.b.k. Facade

In her diverse body of work, which includes collages, installation, films, and photography, Haris Epaminonda explores the idiosyncratic inherent life of images, their power, and logic. Re-contextualized recurring motifs in Epaminonda’s oeuvre reflect her preoccupation with archetypal forms, colors, light, composition, figuration, and abstraction.

Ausstellung - Schriftzug in verschiedenen Sprachen
Ausstellung - Schriftzug in verschiedenen Sprachen © visitBerlin, Grafik: Mona Schäfer

Her fascination with found imagery is evident in her distinctive visual compositions, which link times and places and create new narratives. 

For this year’s edition of the n.b.k. Facade project, artist Haris Epaminonda has conceived an architectural intervention that uses playful visual and conceptual shifts to subtly question entrenched social structures while suggesting possibilities for change.

Extending this work is an installation at the window on the 1st floor of n.b.k., which makes further references and connections between the interior and exterior architecture.
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