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Roaring Twenties with Lubitsch´s Touch!

Everybody cheats everybody and everybody gets something out of it. - So This is Paris.

Filmszene So this is Paris
Filmszene So this is Paris © BABYLON

Georgette lives in Paris with her rather unexciting and effeminate husband, an actor and dancer. Meanwhile, Suzanne lives across the street and reads romance novels while dreaming of someone more exciting than her own lackluster spouse.

Each woman meets the other's husband and begins their dream affair.

Four people: Everyone is cheating on their partner, and none of them are aware that their own spouse is cheating on them. Everyone cheats on everyone else and everyone gets something out of it.

Fun for everyone - including Babylon Orchestra Berlin under the direction of Helmut Imig!

In 1926 Lubitsch is one of the best directors in Hollywood, together with Charlie Chaplin and he is voted one of the ten most important filmmakers in the world.

So this is Paris USA 1926
R: Ernst Lubitsch
mit Monte Blue, Patsy Ruth Miller, Lilyan Tashman, George Beranger, Myrna Loy, 80 Min, OV

Live with Babylon Orchester Berlin, Conductor Helmut Imig

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