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Kabarettistisches Musikprogramm aus Bayern

Despite the increasing senility of their aged father Hans Well, his tirelessly witty offspring Sarah, Tabea and Jonas Well succeed in getting him to write lyrics again and then set his confused lines to music in the most ear-pleasing way. With the program "Didl-Dudl" the international breakthrough in Upper Lower and Upper Bavaria, Greater Franconia and Swabia is expected at the earliest from 30 February 2022. Various press reports suggest this...

Kabarett-Theater DISTEL - Gastspiel: Wellbappn
Kabarett-Theater DISTEL - Gastspiel: Wellbappn © Martin Bolle

Also on dialect precision strictly one paid attention, in order not to endanger the right Bavarian-identitary language root. Listen for yourself to this beast of a song, it will stir you up!

Hans (born 1953): grew up as the 9th of 15 children. In 1978 he founded the Biermösl Blosn with Michael and Christoph Well, and for 35 years they thrilled their audiences, sometimes with Dieter Hildebrandt and Gerhard Polt. With the Biermösl Blosn he made guest appearances in Korea, Portugal, Namibia and Berlin. Until the end of 2012, Hans Well not only wrote all of the Biermösl Blosn's lyrics, but also wrote joint programs with Gerhard Polt for the Munich Kammerspiele and the Residenztheater. The Biermösl Blosn was loved (in part) or hated (Bavarian state government) by the audience and the press. After 35 years as lyricist for the Biermösl Blosn including gstanzl supplier for the Toten Hosen, fate finally condemned him to the next family tie with the "Wellbappn", in whose existence he played a major role.

This show is only played in German, i.e. Bavarian German.

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