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Alexander Ekman is known for his fast-paced, humorous works, the wit of which he effectively stages. He has devoted himself to choreography since 2006 and is in demand worldwide. Sharon Eyals' choreographies are vibrant experiments on the border between precision and supposed excess.

Play by Alexander Ekman

Fascinated by the costumes of hair artist Charlie Le Mindu, especially his Chewbacca costumes, it was Alexander Ekman's wish to collaborate with Charlie LeMindu in his piece LIB (in reference to 'liberation'). He confronts his interpreters with tasks that seem to be solvable only beyond technical dance virtuosity. But LIB would not be a work by Alexander Ekman if it did not have a humorous and bizarre touch.

Dance piece by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar
Music by Ori Lichtik

Sharon Eyal's choreographies, which strike a nerve with audiences and dancers alike, can probably be described as vibrant experiments on the borderline between precision and supposed excess. The uncompromising Israeli choreographer has long since found a very personal, unmistakable artistic signature and has taken the European dance stages by storm. Her piece Half Life, in the repertoire of the Staatsballett Berlin since 2018, is set in the field of tension between man and machine, collective and individual, techno and contemporary ballet. The hypnotic effect of this work also results from the music created by Ori Lichtik during the choreographic process.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Alexander Ekman (Choreographie)
DEVO (Musik)
John Lennon (Musik)
Maverick Sabre (Musik)
Talking Heads (Musik)
Alexander Ekman (Bühne und Licht)
Charlie Le Mindu (Kostüme)
Irene Selka (Umsetzung Licht)
Sharon Eyal (Choreographie)
Ori Lichtik (Musik)
Gai Behar (Co-Choreographie)
Rebecca Hytting (Kostüme)
Alon Cohen (Licht)
Tänzer:innen des Staatsballetts Berlin