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An Awareness Month of the Kulturkorso

In October 2023, the Kulturkorso Berlin - Museums im Grünen network is organising an action month under the motto "Discovering Green Secrets". The diverse programme offers exciting special tours and workshops for visitors of all ages. Visitors can discover the mysterious places and special exhibits of the institutions - always free of charge and always in the green.

The houses of the Kulturkorso invite you to a unique programme this October, when the leaves turn colourful in the parks and gardens around the houses.

What is hidden behind the large barn door of the Domäne Dahlem? How many fairy tales are hidden in the garden of the Schwartz Villa? And how do art, architecture and nature combine in the Brücke Museum?

The topics of the "Green Secrets" range from botany to ancient and contemporary art to contemporary and cultural history and are aimed at children as well as adults.
For example, interested visitors can take a look behind the scenes of the Botanical Museum and find out what the Oswalt Kollem of the palm world, the so-called "Gleditsch Palm", is all about.
Elsewhere, children explore the garden of Glienicke Palace alongside storyteller Astrid Heiland-Vondruska in the footsteps of mythical creatures and ancient gods.
And you can learn more about the significance of nature in art at the Achim Freyer Foundation, which offers a guided tour of the avant-garde artist John Cage's concept of nature.

A total of 14 museums and exhibition centres in southwest Berlin offer an alternative off the beaten tourist track, embedded in an attractive natural and cultural landscape.

The website of the Kulturkorso at provides information on all dates of the month of action.
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