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Stadtwende tour with city guide Swantje Glock

The emergence of Prenzlauer Berg as a tenement district attracted a great deal of criticism very early on, with very different reasons. In the time of the GDR, it was primarily about eliminating the poor living conditions. In addition, the social gradient from the front building to the last courtyard did not fit the ideas of socialist living. Instead of the planned demolition, there was extensive decay, which the residents in the 1970s and 1980s counteracted with their own commitment and creativity.

The rescue and conversion of the brewery premises, which had also been left to decay, could only be taken on by newly founded citizens' initiatives after the end of the GDR. The site of the former Pfefferberg brewery is the best example of this. In the tandem tour through the residential area and over the former brewery site, the possibilities and scope for civic engagement before and after the end of the GDR are discussed by two speakers.

(Program in German)

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