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Conversation with Dr. Stephan Kemperdick and Dr. John Nathan

In 1949, Oxford University Press published A Century of French Painting 1400-1500. A Century of French Painting is the only monograph by Dr. Grete Ring ever published. An English edition was published and a French version in the same year.

Ring's approach and the findings she makes are extremely modern. In the book, she not only presents a holistic concept of art, she also includes the social and societal conditions of the artists in the discussion of their works.

Dr. Stefan Kemperdick (curator of German, Dutch and French painting before 1600 in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin State Museums) worked on the monograph during his studies. He explains in conversation with Dr. Johannes Nathan (Chairman of the Max Liebermann Society), why the book is still a standard work today.

Entrance 5.30 p.m

Admission free. The exhibition is open until the start of the event.

A wine reception awaits you afterwards.

The online conversation takes place as part of the exhibition “Grete Ring. Modern Art Dealer – From Cézanne and Renoir to Liebermann and Kokoschka”.
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