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Space Installation and Perception Workshop®

The Day of German Unity is celebrated on October 3. Even though for many people the time of German division is perceived as "far away," the consequences are felt "up close and personal" in everyday life. There continues to be a "lack of honest dialogue," as the German President put it in 2020 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary on Unity Day.

KEY VISUAL DraussenStadt

The participants will use the method Wahrnehmungswerkstatt® to perceive and reflect on the location, especially on this day in relation to visible traces of upheaval and unity in the surrounding industrial areas. The Wahrnehmungswerkstatt® offers the framework for individual perceptions, free of interpretive sovereignty and in relation to all age groups.

By means of walkable time spaces, the view of complex interrelations and understanding of time spaces can be awakened, which go beyond the individual lifetime and experience. For this purpose, the installation Time - Run will be erected.
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