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The eerie return of Torsten N. from the dark void

“Gras reloaded” follows on from the successful 2014 musical production “Gras – a political musical,” which, like the current version, is a real “neighborhood production.” More than 30 neighbors act in front of and behind the stage.

In the colorful musical series we talk about pretty much everything and especially about neighborhoods, solidarity, unconditional basic income, permaculture and also a bit of politics. A piece straight from “the heart” of the Kunger neighborhood! 100% neighborhood culture!

The story

Torsten Niemann, a rather unfortunate neighborhood hero from earlier times, unexpectedly returns to Berlin, more precisely to his small, tranquil district in the southeast of the city. But wasn't it said that he died?

His return is a mystery, as is his disappearance. – And does he really know nothing about the developments of the past years and months? Is it really possible that someone has lived in Germany for the last few years without knowing anything about the pandemic, curfews, mask requirements or the refugee crisis, economic crisis, energy crisis? It seems so. As if an alien dropped from the sky!

Yes, Torsten seems like that! As if emerging from a dark void, he suddenly stands in the small square in his former district and knows nothing. He came by bike, mostly on small paths, through meadows, forests and fields. – And where was he all this time? - In the forest! After his disappearance, he moved into a small house left to him by a deceased relative. A few animals, a stream, his garden, the forest and his involvement with the principles of permaculture secured his life. A hermit in the middle of Germany.

Torsten inspires people and especially Fritzi Halber. The niece of one of Torsten Niemann's former colleagues recognizes the potential that Torsten has. With good connections and good knowledge of the mechanisms of social media and the media landscape, Fritzi Halber succeeds in setting off a wave that covers the entire republic in a very short time. This alarms the established parties and calls them into action. But Torsten Niemann is not alone. At his side are real unique neighborhood items that seem to be the best.

Direction & Music: Michael R. Schmitz
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