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"The grandmother of the universe knows the first name of her grandmother, her great-grandmother, and the names of all women, people, and creatures. She can walk backward, and she runs her whole life backward before our eyes. She walks a dragon on a leash at night. The grandmother of the universe will bequeath nothing to us. No pain, no guilt, no coffee cup."

In the performance GRANDMOTHERS OF THE FUTURE, six women place themselves in the lines of tradition of their own (female) history(s) and examine them from a transcultural and feminist perspective. They search for differences and similarities in the lives of their Egyptian, German, Greek, Iranian and Palestinian grandmothers from the early 20th century until today.

The performers - two generations later - ask themselves and each other the question: how did you become the woman I face today? The performance focuses on the cultural heritage that each of us carries within us, with respect to a pluralized society in which different and polyphonic narratives are equally present in the space. Together they create a negotiation space of social processes, retrospectives, future scenarios and shared reveries across three generations on two different continents.

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