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One house, 666 hosts. The Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Staatsballett Berlin cordially invite you to join them in celebrating the start of the 2018/2019 season. Spend a day getting a first-hand insight into musical theatre both on stage and behind the scenes.

Throughout the Grand Opening the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Staatsballett Berlin will not only be presenting excerpts from their current musical and staged productions; they will also be providing glimpses into the artistic process. A technology show will reveal what the new stage machinery is capable of and visitors will be able to try on opera stars’ costumes in the foyers and watch dancers from the Staatsballett rehearsing in the ballet studios. The open day will include workshops, concerts, mini operas, film shows and instrument presentations in rooms that are normally out of bounds to the general public.

This will be your chance to familiarise yourself with everything on offer at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Staatsballett throughout the year – ranging from large-scale operas to the experimental musical theatre in the Tischlerei and encompassing the many activities geared to children and teenagers led by Staatsballett and the Young Opera department.

Amidst all this there will be ensemble performances in the foyers by musicians of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Children’s Chorus will be putting on a show and a film lounge will play excerpts from successful past productions.

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Participating artists
Dietmar Schwarz (Mit)
Christian Spuck (Mit)
Sir Donald Runnicles (Mit)
Pinar Karabulut (Mit)
Jeremy Bines (Mit)
Maria Motolygina (Mit)
Meechot Marrero (Mit)
Ruth Pereira-Medina (Mit)
David Simic (Mit)
Fanny Frohnmeyer (Mit)
Musiker*innen des Orchesters der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)
Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)
Kinderchor der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)
Ensemblesolist*innen der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)