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Dating Democracy #4

A global pact for the future should bring the breakthrough - for worldwide cooperation and the solution of common problems. The United Nations are currently designing the process for the "Pact for the Future". Lew Töpfer is a youth delegate to the United Nations. They discuss with him what good networks look like.

Talk series Dating Democracy

In the Dating Democracy series of events, we want to get to know the democracy of tomorrow and fall in love all over again with the most beautiful and complicated form of government in the world - and not only roll over problems, but also consider how we can master the future together. Spoiler alert: There's work to be done because, like in any relationship, that means work, work, work. Visitors are therefore invited to get actively involved. After all, it's a relationship for life - on good days and bad!


  • Venue: Forum
  • The video of the event will also be available later on YouTube.
  • Admission is free.
  • Event language: German
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