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GROUP50:50, a collective of artists from Congo, Switzerland, and Germany that explore the historical and current economic and political interconnections between their countries, will present “The Ghosts Are Returning,” a post-documentary music performance about seven pygmy skeletons brought to Geneva from Congo by a Swiss doctor in the 1950s.

Joseph Kasau
Joseph Kasau © Joseph Kasau

Unlike many African skeletons languishing in the archives of European museums, the names, approximate origins, dates, and causes of death of these seven are known, and their descendants can be found within the nomadic Mbuti people of the forests of the Congo. But do these descendants want the skeletons and spirits of their ancestors back?

Because what is rarely considered in the debate about restitution is that returning masks, skulls, and skeletons also bring back the spirits that the Europeans stole and locked away during the colonial era.
Together with the Mbuti, GROUP50:50 have developed a funeral ritual for the seven spirits – taking inspiration from traditional Congolese music, the funeral ceremonies and polyphonic chants of the Mbuti, and laments in the classical music tradition – in the hope that they will find peace.

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Participating artists
Christiana Tabaro (Regie)
Eva-Maria Bertschy (Regie)
Michael Disanka (Regie)
Elia Rediger (Regie)
Kojack Kossakamvwe (Komposition und Klangregie)
Elia Rediger (Komposition und Klangregie)
Christiana Tabaro (Text)
Eva-Maria Bertschy (Text)
Michael Disanka (Text)
Patrick Mudekereza (Text)
Ruth Kemna (Text)
Elia Rediger (Text)
Eva-Maria Bertschy (Dramaturgie und Diskurs)
Patrick Mudekereza (Dramaturgie und Diskurs)
Elia Rediger (Bühnenbild)
Christiana Tabaro (Bühnenbild)
Michael Disanka (Bühnenbild)
Janine Werthmann (Bühnenbild)
Luca Maier (Regieassistenz)
Sylvain Faye (Technische Leitung)
Moritz von Dungern (Video)
Joseph Kasau (Video)
Franck Moka (Video)
Elia Rediger (Video)
Philipp Ruoff (Sound-Design)
Anton Pelzer (Technische Assistenz)
Daniel Freitag (Ton- und Videomischung)
Beltrán González (Video-Regie)
Fellow Publishing (Johannes Fellmann (Presse und Social Media)
Leonie Soltys) (Presse und Social Media)
Denise Maheho (Podcast)
Franck Moka (Podcast)
Luca Maier (Podcast)
Abé Jean de Dieu Aybeka (Assistenz Recherche)
Benjamin Imply Ababa (Assistenz Recherche)
Julienne Nambinomutu Tatu (Assistenz Recherche)
Jacques Anzakpangezo (Assistenz Recherche)
Souzy Boukanayo (Übertitel und Übersetzung)
Julien Couturier (Übertitel und Übersetzung)
Julie Guigonis (Übertitel und Übersetzung)
Katia Flouest-Sell (Übertitel und Übersetzung)
Pamina Rottok (Produktionsleitung)
Nicole Lengenberg und Véronique Poverello (Produktionsleitung)
Maria Pelzer (Produktionsassistenz)
Joosten Ellée (Künstlerische Leitung PODIUM Esslingen)
Ruth Kemna (Viola und Schauspiel) (Performance)
Christiana Tabaro (Stimme und Schauspiel) (Performance)
Huguette Tolinga (Perkussion) (Performance)
Kojack Kossakamwve (Gitarre) (Performance)
Franck Moka (Elektronik und Schauspiel) (Performance)
Merveil Mukadi (Bass) (Performance)
Elia Rediger (Stimme und Schauspiel) (Performance)
Josée Agbepa (Performance Videos)
Jean de Dieu Bongama (Performance Videos)
Jean-Baptiste Ekaka (Performance Videos)
Mama Sese (Performance Videos)
Mukombozi (Performance Videos)
Anselm Ngobe (Performance Videos)
Tristan Köster (Cello) (Performance Videos)
William V. Murray (Viola) (Performance Videos)
Per Hakon Oftedal (Trompete) (Performance Videos)
Josefine Schmidt (elektrisches Klavier) (Performance Videos)
Maxine Troglauer (Bassposaune) (Performance Videos)
HAU Hebbel am Ufer - HAU1
HAU Hebbel am Ufer - HAU1