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The interdisciplinary project “Ghosts Are My Reality” combines movement, video and sound to explore the phenomenon of dreaming. The work deals with Derrida’s concept of Hauntology, a word in which the priority of being and presence is replaced by the figure of the ghost.

Drawing and a parallel between dreams and ghosts, which as ghosts find themselves in a state of “not yet and not anymore”, Maria Focaraccio, Katharina Scheidtmann and Theresa Maria Forthaus aim to create an imaginary landscape, using the body as a vehicle to grasp the nature of dreams. Conceptual thinking and causal-logical remembering get pushed in the background, emotional experiences come into focus and different levels and realities overlap, with tones at times ironic, at times absurde, at times intimate.
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Participating artists
Maria Focaraccio
Katharina Scheidtmann
Theresia Maria Forthaus
Veronica Bracaccini