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Vacation workshop for children from 7-13 years

During the summer vacations, the Germanic homestead with a stable house, storehouse and weaving house on the open-air grounds of the museum is opened to children. Here they can try, as people did in those days, to make fire, grind flour and bake bread. The processing of flax is also demonstrated on the farm. The old equipment and the operations from the plant to the finished garment will be demonstrated. Children are invited to watch and participate themselves. Of course, the freshly baked bread will be tasted at the end.

The workshop will run for two days (Tuesday, July 18, 2023 & Wednesday, July 19, 2023) from 10am-1pm each day.

Note: Please bring your own food!

A cooperation of the Museum Reinickendorf with the Förderkreis für Bildung, Kultur und internationale Beziehungen Reinickendorf e.V.Translated with DeepL
Additional information
Meeting point: Museum Reinickendorf, Alt-Hermsdorf 35, 13467 Berlin

Booking: Registration is required at 030 - 90294 6460