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The two up-and-coming protagonists of the Berlin music scene Ganna Gryniva and Tal Ariditi create an unexpected world of colors. Playfully and with great joy they improvise on old Ukrainian folk songs, their own compositions and well-known pearls from jazz music.

Tal Arditi & Ganna Gryniva
Tal Arditi & Ganna Gryniva © Ganna Gryniva

Berlin-based singer, composer and bandleader Ganna Gryniva, with roots in Ukraine and Germany, aims to combine different musical worlds, from jazz to folklore. In 2018, Ganna graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Weimar, Germany, with a degree in jazz music.

In 2016, Tal Arditi graduated from the prestigious Rimon School of Music in Ramat Hasharon near Tel Aviv with a jazz diploma. At the age of 18, he moved to Berlin. In 2020, Arditi released his album "Colors." The result is a rich, original sound that mixes jazz, rock and classical music with Brazilian accents.
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