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This November, a brand new event is coming to the capital, the Games Ground - Berlin Gaming Festival. The three-day event revolves around video games and is based on an innovative mix of business and community formats.

Berlin is back in the game!

Three stages and several networking areas in the old mint will offer visitors panels, keynotes and workshops with well-known speakers from the gaming industry, including CD CD Projekt Red, Wooga, Paintbucket Games, Lighthouse Games, Techland, Square Enix, Rovio and many more.

The community programme starting on Friday will offer guests interactive stage shows, various gaming stations, Indie Islands as well as formats on cosplay, pop culture and XR. With a special focus on inclusivity, diversity and innovation, the festival will reflect a wide spectrum of gaming culture and economy, making it equally interesting for industry members, hobby and professional gamers, and pop culture fans.


Thursday, 09.11. and Friday, 10.11. until 16:00 hrs.
  • for industry and sector members ("Business Ground").

Friday, 10.11. from 16:00 hrs begins
  • "Play Ground" the programme for the community, for visitors aged 18 and over.

Saturday, 11.11. from 10:00 a.m.
  • Family Day for gaming fans of all ages.

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