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Telling Stories of Memory and Oblivion with Comics

A group of people tell a story by whispering it from one ear to the next. In the end, nothing matches what was said at the beginning; certain details get lost, while others are obscured by fictitious details. 

In some ways, human memory functions similarly to a game of telephone. How can this process of remembering and forgetting be rendered visible in drawings?

In this workshop, the artist duo Meeting Lines, consisting of Marcos García Pérez and Carla Schliephack, stimulates an intensive exchange between participants by first telling stories and then translating them into drawings. Memory and oblivion are depicted via overlaps, blurrings, and gaps, resulting in new echoes of stories.

With Marcos García Pérez and Carla Schliephack

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Meeting point: Counter in the Sylvia Winter Foyer

Price: €5.00

Reduced price: €3.00