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Moderated by Mori

This game night is unique: under the large dome of the planetarium hall, everyone can join in and experience exciting games in real time. Visitors to the Kinetarium can expect a dynamic game experience with the entire audience.

It's very simple: All participants can dial into the game with their cell phone via a QR code and play directly.

Interactively and together - and all this on the largest playing field imaginable in 360° fulldome and with 3D sound.

The evening will be hosted by YouTuber and gamer Maurice "Mori" Lange.
As a gaming commentator, he hosted the major German "League of Legends" broadcasts, among other things, and made a name for himself in the field of e-sports. Mori is also known for his cooking skills, which he shares with his fans in numerous streams and in his own cookbook.

To participate in the games of the "Gaming Night at the Planetarium," you need your own smartphone.

Additional information
Price: €8.00

Reduced price: €6.00