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Brixton-born artist, rapper and producer GAIKA is due to release his new record Drift on 08 September via Big Dada. The album is a testament to his wide-angled musical fascinations, referencing boom-bap, jazz, cloud rap, funk, calypso, grunge and post-punk on a suite of tracks that feature contributions from bbymutha, Max Winter, Charlie Stacey, The Narrator, Gorillaz’s Azekel and others.

GAIKA’s sound spans from grime, dancehall, R&B, electronic, and beyond, often weaving in political commentary through his lyricism. On Drift, Gaika spans from various genres (like grime, dancehall, R&B, electronic, and beyond), re-arranging them into far-reaching psychedelic structures referencing alternative rock just as well as funk and rap music. Performed with a 3pax band this album should be especially interesting live.
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