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The choir of the parish church with the regional orchestra Pro Musica Sacra and soloists under the direction of Martin Knizia perform Gabriel Fauré's Requiem on the occasion of the Sunday of the Dead.

The character of Fauré's Requiem is similar to Brahms' German Requiem, which the latter originally wanted to call the “Human Requiem”. The focus here is not on Dies Irae, the Day of Judgment, but rather on consolation for the bereaved and the ultimate acceptance of the deceased into paradise.

The version for orchestra will be performed, in which the Sauer organ will also contribute to the atmosphere with its romantic sounds.


  • Parish church choir, regional orchestra Pro Musica Sacra
  • Greta Bänsch, soprano
  • Jule Rosner, organ
  • Martin Knizia, management

Admission free – donations requested
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