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Two chefs invite you to the table! There's apple pie! The two clowns create their little kitchen world with imagination and humor, which exudes a lot of charm and magic. In order to stir the base of the dough, they cleverly intertwine artistic feats with dance-like choreographies and megalomaniacally demonstrate their extraordinary skills in the kitchen.

The children actively feed apples to the kitchen robot, which then processes them and adds them to the dough. The irony of failure hovers over the successful cooking, which makes the piece hilarious. Despite many difficulties, the clown chefs are not discouraged and together with the children they celebrate baking and cooking in a natural way as the ultimate pleasure. In the end, the flood of enthusiasm for cooking makes such waves that encores are loudly demanded.

  • Children's theater program for ages 3-10 (however, the Coq Au Vin children's theater recommends this play for ages 3 to 93!)
  • Playing time: approx. 50 min
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Participating artists
Thomas Endl
Sebastian Matt