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With: Latvian Blues Band (LV) and Greg Koch Trio (USA) as well as the film Jazzfieber

Blues - Rock and much more - with fun and movement guaranteed Guitar meets Hamond meets brass boys meets drum & hits the middle of the movement center.

Greg Koch Trio

The heart of the American trio is close to the blues, but it wouldn't be Greg Koch if the influences of rock, funk, jazz, country mixed with a lot of dynamics and humor didn't spice up the program. Milwaukee's Greg Koch has put the success of his rich guitar work in the background here. Despite the repeatedly emphasized descriptions of "fiendishly talented" by author and editor Tom Wheeler, head of Guitar Player Magazine, and by Joe Bonamassa, who describes him as a "terrifying guitar phenomenon".

Latvian Blues Band

Razor-sharp brass sections, a grooving rhythm section and, last but not least, frontman Janis Bux Bukovskis (guitar and vocals) promise top-class blues and R&B fireworks. The Latvian Blues Band's performances are always exciting and original, and listeners are invited to join in the concert too. The band's repertoire is very extensive, and there are few ready-made set lists. The program of each concert is based on the emotions and atmosphere of the respective venue, and even if a fan attends an LBB concert every day for a week, each concert will be different and perhaps very different from the previous one.

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Latvian Blues Band (LV)
Greg Koch Trio (USA)