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Weihnachtsschonzette 2023

The extraordinary Christmas experts Julius Fischer and Christian Meyer are finally celebrating the festival of love again in their inimitably stupid way!

Because: Without Schmonzette there is no Christmas harmony, without Schmonzette there is no real Christmas! Point. And that's why this year the two nonsense makers have brought traditional Christmas songs, current, Christmas-themed chart hits and their own compositions to professionally accompany their audience into the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, the bag full of one-euro instruments and gimmicks that they have been lugging around the country for years is never missing.

For years they were the show band of the NDR Comedy Contest before they got their first own television show called “Comedy with Karsten” on MDR in 2014. Her second TV show followed in 2017, “slamdr”. Individually or together, they were nominated for the Grimme Prize and the Prix Pantheon, among others, and won several prizes, including the German-speaking poetry slam championships three times in different categories.

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