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A topology of piety - every life has a different prayer. "from(m)" presents a constellation of eight curious and ritual sacred works.

Kirchenfenster - gemalt.
Kirchenfenster - gemalt. © visitBerlin, Illustration: Klio Karadim

  • Kanae Mizobuchi - vocals, musician, performer
  • Jana Luksts - piano, organ, musician, performer
OP: is an experimental performance duo consisting of Kanae Mizobuchi (soprano) and Jana Luksts (piano, keyboards). OP: presents strong thematic programs with scenic elements, theater and improvisation, as well as interpretations of new and contemporary works for piano and voice.

  • Pérotin: "Beata Viscera" (c.1220)
  • Galina Ustvolskaya: "Sonata No.5" (1986)
  • Teizo Matsumura: "The Poor Faithful" (1996)
  • Pauline Oliveros: "GOD DOG" (1989)
  • Mark Andre: "iv17" (2019)
  • Anton Webern: "Fromm" (1902)
  • Orlando di Lasso: "Audi dulcis amica mea" (1555)

Admission: € 10,- (8,-)
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Ölberg-Kirche - Berlin - Kreuzberg