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fairy tales - really grim!

"Once upon a time - Grimm's Fairy Tales in the Glass Palace" takes the audience into a magical theater world. With just two actors, the familiar original text and an intimate stage, a theater experience of the highest level is created.

The specially designed format, in which two half-hour fairy tales are presented in each performance, impressively illuminates how closely the idiosyncratic charm of these stories, their bizarre comedy and the captivating tension are interwoven with our deepest fears and longings.

The stage becomes a colorful gift table that has something for every spectator - a highly entertaining experience for everyone.

Frog Prince

The light at the bottom of the well is perhaps the moon? And SPLASH! Then it fell into the well: No, not the child, just his favorite toy. Happened. But who the hell is this weird frog promising to get it back? What is the guy thinking, stalking the girl – just based on a childish white lie – into her sweet home? Sitting at his table, eating from his plate and even wanting to sleep in his bed with him? Hello, is it still okay?! The father dictates to his daughter coldly: "You have to keep what you promised!" Not so with us" We don't kiss frogs just because they claim to be enchanted princes! Because anyone who says A doesn't have to do ANYTHING! Our princess knows how to defend herself in a bigoted adult world and the frog ends up exactly where he is belongs: on the wall: SPLASH!

(Bringing parents to this fairy tale is at your own risk.)

Mother Hulda

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. In the constant competition for recognition within society, anarchy is simply forgotten as a productive element of creation. Always higher, ever further, ever faster and in the end only one winner gets the gold medal. But what about all the others standing next to the winner's podium? It is said that once your reputation is ruined, you live quite unabashedly. And the world is open: those who behave well get A's; the others have sex appeal.
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