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Performance by Grażyna Roguski

Artist Grażyna Roguski has created a new artwork for the collaborative project If the Berlin Wind Blows My Flag. Art and Internationalism before the Fall of the Wall.
The piece is inspired by a screenplay draft written by Anja
Salomonowitz that features artist Maria Lassnig (a 1978 DAAD
Artist-in-Berlin Program fellow in Berlin) as the central character in a
Parisian bathroom setting.

This work is a part of Roguski’s ongoing exploration of the archive of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program and works by female artists who participated in the program.

In June 2023, Grażyna Roguski presented the performative intervention She Saw Him Stealing He Saw Her Burning at daadgalerie, delving into Joan Jonas’s encounters and experiences as a Program fellow in Berlin. Both artists – Lassnig and Jonas – are connected not only through their residencies in Berlin, but also through their shared exploration of the female body as a conveyor of social significance.

In her performances, Roguski interweaves aspects of fashion, sculpture, and classical visual mediums and examines the representation of the female body through choreographies informed by gender roles and social contexts. In A Friend’s Bathroom, three performers bring the intimacies of (Berlin) bathrooms into the exhibition spaces of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) through a series of successive sculptural interventions. Blurring the lines between privacy and public display, the interiority and exteriority of bodies and objects, the work transforms the domestic space into a site where subconscious hierarchies are navigated.

The works of Grażyna Roguski (b. 1983) have been shown at institutions including daadgalerie, Berlin (2023); Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin (2022, 2017); Kulturbrauerei Berlin (2021); Künstlerhaus Bremen (2020); 1a Space Hong Kong (2017); SORT Vienna (2017); Museum Arnhem (2016).
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Grażyna Roguski