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The duo concert with Franz Bauer and Harald Kündgen features vibraphone and marimba.

Noten - gemalt.
Noten - gemalt. © visitBerlin, Illustration: Klio Karadim

Unbelievable, but true...
a marimbaphone wants to play with a vibraphone... and a marimbaphone player with a vibraphone player... will it work?
And how!...

The sound mixture of the two instruments is one of the most interesting things that can be done with acoustic instruments. And it is a very rare opportunity to hear this instrumentation.

Since Harald Kündgen and Franz Bauer are masters of their trade, they enrich "selected" jazz standards and original compositions with one or the other reach into their favorite box of tricks and on top of that look back on many years of intensive cooperation...

A pleasure for ears and eyes !

Admission: € 15,- (10,-)
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