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Scenic tour

The tour begins in 1588, the citadel is the pride of the Elector, but the fortress is built according to modern Italian architecture. The commander of the fortress Dietrich von Holzendorf or his wife Ursula welcome the people, the visitors to a tour in the citadel.

Szenische Führung auf der Zitadelle
Szenische Führung auf der Zitadelle Hof Spielleut | Foto: Birger Holz, Bilderkraft

Of course, the commander is proud of "his" fortress. But he also does not want to miss out on the history of "Spandow".

Likewise his clever wife Ursula knows a lot to tell about the fortress, the foundation of "Spandow". As well as many a courtly gossip that makes the rounds.

During this very special tour, participants will gain an insight into the history of the fortress from the point of view of Mr. Holzendorf or his wife and move through other times for an hour.

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(Program in German)
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Price info: Price regular 4,50 € or 2,50 € | Fee for the guided tour 3 € p. P.

Free entry on Museum Sunday (1st sunday of the month)
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