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city walk

Why did hundreds of thousands take to the streets at the end of the war? What future did Luxemburg and Liebknecht strive for? Which monument has its own bell? And did the revolution really fail?

The November Revolution at the end of the First World War has slumbered somewhat forgotten in historical subconscious. At that time, the emperor fled and the interests of the workers and middle classes clashed violently. Especially in the area in front of the Oranienburg Gate, there were passionate arguments and fights about the future of the young republic.

This city walk explores these forgotten places of the 1918/19 revolution and asks about the wishes, fears and hopes in a time of radical change. The different memories in the two German states are also discussed.

The city walk begins at the corner of Chauseestraße and Ida von Arnim-Straße and ends about 2 hours later on Hannoversche Straße.

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Participation is free.

0176-36161273 (if you have difficulty finding the location)

(Program in German)
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