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The mix of sometimes soothing, sometimes powerful piano playing in combination with extraordinary string arrangements makes the music of the Munich-based composer and pianist unique. His music speaks to our innermost being in a radically emotional way, which makes his concerts an extremely moving experience.

Improvisation is his main creative method. Composing is a very personal process for Florian Christl. The aim is to create a space that can be experienced individually; a place where, for a short time, it's all about "escape from reality to feel alive lost in thought".

With his debut album "Inspiration", Florian Christl made it straight into the global classical music top lists of various streaming platforms in 2018 and reached the top 20 of the German classical music charts. Since then he has delighted a wide audience on international tours.

His second album »Episodes« in summer 2020 and includes the track »Vivaldi Variation« which has been streamed millions of times worldwide.

With »About Time«, Florian Christl released his third album with Sony Classical in autumn 2022, which he is presenting live to the audience in his current programme, together with a selection of his best works.

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