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FLØRE makes music to engage with the world - from the beginnings of life to death, from the fantasies in her head to the strange characters around her. This is also reflected in the titles of their most recent releases: “Zombie”, “Alien”, “Skeleton”, “Werewolf”, “Witch”, “Frankenstein” and the brand new “Monster”.

However, these terms rarely refer to the scary creatures from films and stories. For example, when she talks about a zombie, she might be referring to her ex, who is crawling behind her like an undead. And the monster she is afraid of is herself. In this way, the circle of creatures closes and the path to her debut album “Scarytale” opens, which includes ghosts, vampires, a mermaid and, last but not least, the devil cavort - not the heroes, but the villains and outcasts.

FLØRE goes their own way with their dark pop, which is characterized by a variety of sounds - and this sometimes angelic, sometimes devilish voice. In March the band will come to Berlin for an exclusive club show.

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