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Photography During the Holocaust

At Berlin's Museum of Photography, the international Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem is showing its acclaimed exhibition "Flashes of Memory." The exhibition presents a critical account of the visual documentation - photographs and films - created during the Holocaust by German and Jewish photographers, as well as by members of the Allied forces during the liberation.

The show opened in Jerusalem in January 2018. It highlights the circumstances of photographing and the perspectives of both professional and private photographers, emphasizing the special and unique perspective of Jewish photographers.

"Visual documentation is one of the most important factors shaping historical awareness about the Holocaust" wrote the Jerusalem Post 2018 on the occasion of the exhibition "Flashes of Memory" in Israel. Against this background, the presentation of the exhibition in Germany in 2022 is of particular relevance.

A special exhibition by Yad Vashem in cooperation with the Kunstbibliothek - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
cantly to knowledge of the Holocaust, influenced the manner in which it has been analyzed and understood and affected the way it has been engraved in the collective memory.

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