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Batrou, the pot-smoking daughter of a provincial military governor, is in love with Bah, a fellow student who is descended from one of Mali's former chiefs. Despite their love, their families are against the relationship, especially because of the two's increasing participation in student strikes against the corrupt government.

The governor takes tough action and Bah is deported. Bah's grandfather invokes the ancestors to obtain his grandson's release. He then joins a demonstration of angry young people and shouts to them: "You are the future!"

"Finye" takes a critical look at ancient and modern values and presents social realism with echoes of the story of Romeo and Juliet. The work addresses the gap between generations in post-colonial West Africa.

"My philosophy in life is to believe in the future. If I were a fatalist, I couldn't be a filmmaker. Nothing drove me to make films. I decided to do it. I wanted to see things and let others see them. If you see them "If you have that kind of curiosity, you can't be fatalistic." (Souleymane Cisse)

This will be followed by a film discussion moderated by Rabih El-Khoury.

Finye – The Time of the Wind - Mali, 1982, 100 min, Bambara/French/German, DVD, OmeU