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after "Shipwreck off Lampedusa" by Davide Enia

FINSTERNIS reports on events on the Italian island of Lampedusa, which has been a symbol of the crisis at Europe's external borders for over 20 years - and a place of fate for refugees, their rescuers and the people living there.

Szene aus FINSTERNIS © Andreas Merz Raykov

Author Davide Enia developed the text from interviews and his own experiences on site. He mirrors the ongoing catastrophe in the Mediterranean with his own family history, with his encounters with his cancer-stricken uncle, and thus vividly shows the crisis of sea rescue as a disease of Europe.

In the reports of witnesses and participants of the events on Lampedusa, the events no longer appear only as a "crisis of the others", of the supposedly "invisible", but above all as one of European societies themselves. Like the cancer that is slowly eating away at Davide's uncle from the inside, the sometimes deliberate failure to provide help is gradually eroding Europe's self-image as a pioneer of humanity and human rights - as a disease that threatens coexistence more profoundly than any migration ever could.
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TD Berlin (war: Theaterdiscounter)
TD Berlin (war: Theaterdiscounter)