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mit Symposium "Bees for Peace"

How can bees promote peace in these turbulent times? The main aim of the event is to reflect on how bees can contribute to conflict resolution, food security, empowerment of vulnerable groups and diplomacy.

At the end of the exhibition "Buzzing Slovenia: Of Bees and People", the Museum of European Cultures, together with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Berlin and the Slovenian Cultural Centre SKICA Berlin, is organizing an inspiring mini-symposium entitled "Bees for Peace", emphasizing the political dimension of pollinators.

Since 2018, on the initiative of Slovenia, 20 May has been World Bee Day and in 2022 the Slovenian beekeeping heritage was inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Slovenia's commitment to using bee diplomacy as a foreign policy strategy is particularly noteworthy. Slovenia actively promotes the inclusion of pollinators in international environmental policy and global food security issues within the framework of so-called bee diplomacy.

At the "Bees for Peace" symposium, international experts, enthusiasts and activists from various fields will share their insights into the interconnectedness of bees and human society. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the contribution of bees and other pollinators to ecological and social resilience, showcase innovative pollinator projects and promote the exchange of best practices to support local communities worldwide. The event will also showcase the activities of the ITF Enhancing Human Security organization in the area of honey production by mine victims.

As guests:

  • Tomaž Lovrenčič, Director ITF Enhancing Human Security, Slovenia
  • Martin Frick, Director of the World Food Program (WFP) for Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein
  • Gorazd Trušnovec, President of the Urban Beekeping Society, Slovenia
  • Kristina Seljak, Curator at the Beekeeping Museum Radovljica, Slovenia
  • Susan Karlebowski, research associate at the Museum of Natural History, Berlin
  • Heinz Risse, Mellifera Berlin e.V.

Free admission, no registration required.

This event will be held in English spoken language.
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Meeting point: foyer


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