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Short film program of the Zeughauskino on the motto "Sounds of Berlin"

Short film program of the Zeughauskino on the motto "Sounds of Berlin" as part of the Long Night of Museums.

6.00 pm Always on the move – short film programme

Berlin sounds like traffic and construction sites, like trams and subways. After noise, announcements, screeching brakes. Nothing for sensitive ears. A cultural film about the construction of the North-South S-Bahn from 1935, a sound-image experiment about the U-Bahn from 1956 and a disco film from East Berlin from 1978 show what it used to be like.

19.30 The dear neighbors – short film program

In Berlin, the walls are thin. If the neighbor is listening to the radio, you will hear the sound for free. This often leads to trouble, seldom to a love story, as in Just a Quarter Hour (1932) with Theo Lingen. Or a street musician is playing in the backyard and you can listen through the window – as in Dear Organ Organ (1956).

21.00 The City of Music – short film programme

Here the bass booms, here the bear tap-dances. Lokomotive Kreuzberg (1974) and the band of the same name demonstrate that rock music, politics and fun are not mutually exclusive in Berlin. And on the weekends there is dancing! If everyone danced how they wanted, na! (1972).

10.30 pm Berlin never sleeps – short film programme

While the majority is in bed, others have to work hard in the bakery, in the police operations center or in the power plant. Nachtarbeiter – Berlin, Herbst 1973 (1973) takes a poetic approach to the subject, while Fidele Razzia (1932) about a female police raid squad is over-excited and full of wit. The ladies want to experience something!

The events are part of the Long Night of Museums and are only accessible with a ticket for them.

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Price info: The events take place as part of the Long Night of Museums and can be visited with a ticket for it.

Booking: Tickets will be available from July 31, 2023 on the Long Night of Museums website and at visitBerlin's Tourist Infos. On August 26, tickets will also be available at all participating museums.

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