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All of them are everything. Figure Lemur love their contradictions, are individually relaxed but together uncompromising, think huge, have been a gang since forever: four guys who have been making music together since childhood.

Figur Lemur
Figur Lemur © Tim Kaszik

Together they conspire for their pop rap sound. They wander wildly through the decades and mix trap aesthetics with grunge guitars and 80s vibes. They constantly change roles, all of them have everything in their hands, pushing each other off their chairs to "just do something" in the DAW.

Figure Lemur dissolve the classic distributions of a band and put them together anew for themselves, just as they need it at the moment: As a hip-hop boy band, as an indie live act, as a producing collective.

The voices of the brothers Ben and Jonas merge in the sung choruses, Ben's tumbling rap flow runs through the verses. The lyrics always take a stand, question, are political and are caught between broad synths, checked-out samples and broken guitars. The four of them are perfectionists and mashup professionals, inspired by the sound of their broken car radio via FKA Twigs to Radiohead.

They tell of great themes: Of deep insecurities, of our world on fire, and always in between, of love.

They got their start in 2017 as a restless live band. They celebrated every little concert, founded their own booking agency and shot all music videos themselves with their own film production. After shows at festivals like Juicy Beats and Bochum Total, they ran on 1LIVE. In summer 2022, their debut album "Politik und Liebe" will be released, produced by Farsad "Fayzen" Zoroofchi.

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