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The magnificence and rhythmic intensity of Irish folk and the universal language of music: Fiddlaffairs inspire across cultures and invite you to dance!

What do 4 musicians from 3 nations have in common? They love music as an international language. With their polyphonic vocals and multi-instrumental talents, Fiddlaffairs inspire their audience.

On 27 January 2024, Fiddlaffairs will be performing at the Maschinenhaus in Berlin's Kulturbrauerei.

It is the influences of multi-talented Nora Kudrjawizki and her One Violin Orchestra, Mitch Steinberg's sensitive voice and arrangements, the virtuoso violin playing of Katie Barlas and, last but not least, the charisma of actor and musician Lenn Kudrjawizki that make Fiddlaffairs something special. Together they bring a lot of experience to the project, which is also reflected in the setlist of their own songs and well-known melodies.

Fiddlaffairs are not only musically but also socially extremely committed. They see their live shows as great fun, in which they actively involve their audience. The joy of playing takes centre stage.

The history of Irish music goes back to the Celts and Celtic women. Traditional Irish music is also known as Irish Trad or Irish Folk. Irish folk is still heard, played and celebrated in many places today. It inspires musicians all over the world.

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