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In August, the Britzer Garten will once again host the classic open-air event. The traditional "Feuerblumen und Klassik Open-Air" in the summer of 2022 is all about Viennese classical music.

Feuerwerk im Britzer Garten
Feuerwerk im Britzer Garten © Holger Koppatsch - 2019

Classics in the Britzer Garten

Under the direction of Christoph Hagel, the Berliner Symphoniker will perform well-known pieces by Mozart and Haydn on the large stage by the lake, in addition to Beethoven. The internationally renowned conductor, pianist and director Hagel wants to arouse enthusiasm for the music of the great masters of classical music:
Visitors* can expect an atmospheric late summer evening when the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, founded over five decades ago, plays Beethoven's "Eroica," Mozart's "Nachtmusik" and many other well-known works.

The highlight at the end, as every year, is the festive fireworks display that lights up the night sky with colorful fire flowers.

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