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A fire-red Singspiel about courage, fantasy and the interplay of the generations (4+)

Ferdi and his grandfather are a perfect team and they spend a lot of time together. Ferdi loves to play with his grandfather fire brigade and get through tough situations. One day Grandpa falls off the ladder during a fire brigade and can not move anymore. Then Ferdi has to muster his courage to get help for his beloved grandfather via the emergency call.

© visitBerlin, Foto: E. Schneider

The staging includes numerous songs around the topic of fire: In "I am now a firefighter" or "Lalülala, the fire department" there is real catchy tune! But also other songs for playing, searching and finding are playfully incorporated into the staging play in this Singspiel Imposing instruments such as trombone and vibraphone play important roles, and the childish fascination for the fire service is a great allure of staging, but on a wider level it is also about taking over the heart and overcoming fears Experience as a little hero - and so can encourage other children.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Sinem Altan (Musikalische Leitung und Arrangements)
Jane Saks (Kostümbild)
Konrad Schaller (Bühnenbild)
Matthias Schönfeldt (Regie)
Thomas Sutter (Liedtexte und Komposition)
Thomas Sutter (Autor/in)
Alessandro Nania Pacino (Ferdi)
Mathieu Pelletier
Iljá Pletner
Hauke Renken
Markus Schmidt
Begüm Tüzemen (Mutter und Gesang)
Jörg Vollerthun
ATZE Musiktheater - Großer Saal
ATZE Musiktheater - Großer Saal
ATZE Musiktheater - Großer Saal