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At the 9th soirée of the Ephraim Veitel Foundation, Prof. Dr. Karl Clausberg (Hamburg) introduces Felix Eberty, another member of the Ephraim family.

Felix Eberty (1812-1884) was a multi-talented person and a wanderer between cultures. His book “The Stars and World History” has left a formative mark in various scientific and fictional areas. It impressed the physicist Albert Einstein, stimulated the theoretical biology of both Karl Ernst von Baer and Jakob Johann von Uexküll and also gave rise to Walter Benjamin's idea of the “angel of history”.

The lecture is accompanied by music. Followed by a discussion with wine, water and pretzels.

The event will be recorded in photography, sound and film. By participating, you agree to the possible publication of this material for the press and public relations work of the Stadtmuseum Berlin.

A cooperation between the Ephraim Veitel Foundation and the Berlin City Museum, supported by the Lotto Foundation Berlin.

(Program in German)
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